Rescued 10/21/2013
Adopted by Foster Family
Surgery costs: $3100

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2/20/2014 UPDATE
This girl is one heck of a trooper!
Surgery on her eyelid, 2 large lipomas that were deep and had doubled in
size in 2 weeks, another one the Dr found and asked to remove....and this
girl is cruisin' and looking to eat and play.

I got lots of dirty looks from Frannie when I let her have only a little
water....she can drink half a bowl with no problem. Then I gave the food
hound only half of what she normally gets (Dr's orders)...a  very loud
whine at me...than actually headed over to Brooklyn's bowl to see if he
would share his food with her. She has never attempted that! Brooklyn was
ready to share, but we were told to watch the first nite and go easy.

Ok , the next fun - walk her slowly on leash....right. We still have about
1-1/2 feet of snow with 3-4 ft drifts except where the dogs have made
paths. She refused to go on the driveway, so I let her out alone off leash.
Ms Gazelle pranced on the path to hurry and do her business...her eyes must
have been brown & yellow.

Steps? Who cares? Nothing bothers her. She's heading to her pillow with a
smile. She has her meds, her special enzymes from me and she's ready for
the next 8 years.

She is going to make someone a fabulous Leo.
LeoPALs Foster Mom


2/19/2014 UPDATE
Frannie just went under anesthesia at 10:45. The doctor had called because he found a 3rd lipoma (fatty tissue) that was large. Poor thing will have all of her lovely fur that she grew back shaved once again. I'm sure she will feel so much better once she has the irritating cyst on her eyelid removed and well as the lipoma at the juncture of her left leg and rib. It was pressing on her nerves when she laid down so when she would get up, she would limp until she shook off the pain or pins and needles. Once she's up, that girl just loves to run. She can almost keep up with the 3 year olds! She sure is faster on the steps - she has a very fluid movement for a senior who will be 8 in a few weeks

12/4/2013 update
Frannie is doing really well. She is eating like a house on fire, but we are holding her in check. Yesterday she picked up a stick and shook it in front Of Brooklyn's face to get his attention....a giant leap.
Today she actually initiated play. B&C went out for grooming because they were scratching so much. When they came home Frannie sniffed them head to toe because they smelled "different". I was waiting for a snarl from her, but nothing. Everyone was in each other's face, butt, ears just checking each other out. Then she started to do a quick bark in Brooklyn's face....and did a play bow and danced around. A REAL invite to play!!! 
This is a first for her since she has been rescued.  This is an enormous step for her. The past 2 nites she has been sleeping on her back against the couch, feet in the air, belly exposed. She must feel very comfortable around B&C as well as George & I.

We are thrilled with her progress in just 4 short days.



12/2/2013 update
Frannie, our Leo rescue mix, is now fostering in PA with Brooklyn & Cherokee as her mentors.
Foster Mom Jacques had  more than she could handle at her house as she just rescued 2 baby pit bull mixes and their Mom all to be raised and bred as bait dogs. AGHHHHHHH! (along with 5 other fosters - 2 just placed yesterday!)

Our *huge* thanks go out to her for saving Frannie, and nursing her back to health after the emergency bloat operation. Frannie learned how to be loved and feel safe.

Here with the Parola pack is a new experience for Frannie. Even though she is sweet and lovable, boy, does she love to kiss your face!, she still had a snarly attitude of "leave me alone - I'm old and cranky with you dogs." Brooklyn who has been doing so much better meeting and greeting new dogs spent 10 minutes yanking on his leash to get in her face. Since we wanted an early harmony in transition, we used our neighbor's back yard as neutral ground. She snarled, he barked and muttered a few low growls, then it was sit and watch - yards apart. I walked Frannie on the lase towards him, then away, then a little closer, then a snarl followed but a soft verbal but insistent correction. As we moved closer, Brooklyn became calmer and she snarled less. We made it side by side, sniffed each other's butts and it was over. We walked all over the yard, then headed over to Brooklyn's fenced yard where Cherokee was waiting.

To back track, Cherokee came with me to Pittsburgh, met Frannie on neutral ground. Frannie did a lip curl and snarl, Cherokee turned her face away walked away..".well poo, poo to you girl!" Cherokee gave her a minute as they walked on leashes, turned back, did a play bow and approached, no snarl, checked each other out and it was time to go. Time elapse -  2 minutes. That's my girl, Cherokee-kee.

Back at the Parola yard, I was on the phone with Linda Gagnon, who had been giving me explicit directions on how to meet and greet. Next step was walking the yard on leashes (Cherokee off leash) and let them check it all out. 3 minutes later, all off leash. It really happened - it worked!!!!!
No one was more stunned than I.

Now they are teaching Frannie how to play bow,( she does it really well) How to and when to run the yard, when to bark at the neighbors and how to hide in the Arbovitae. 
She' s quickly turning into a Leo Pro.

Remember, she's ready for adoption! Correction on age. She will be 8 March 2014. Lots of pep in this girl's stride. Already eating what B&C eat (except she gets chicken kibble). We do need to work on guarding her food from B&C. She will not share toys either, so everything is in the closet for now.


11/3/2013 update
Frannie, our 8 year old Leo mix veteran is doing well. She is starting to eat more kibble with wet canned food at night. She is putting on a few pounds, but we all want her to keep her girlish figure.

Frannie is a lovely, sweet, calm soon to be 8 year old veteran Leo Mix who has recently come into rescue.
She was no longer able to stay with her owner because of a change in living conditions. Scheduled to be sent to a shelter, a caring individual scooped her up, only to have to rush her to the vet with emergency bloat.
Frannie, the trooper came through with flying colors. Grateful to her foster Mom, she loves to shower her with kisses at every opportunity. She weighs about 90 pounds and needs to put a few pounds on as she is a lanky girl.
If we were writing an ad for a personal on,  Frannie would describe herself as:
Sweet, demure and unflappable
Loves: seniors, kids and men in that order
Loves to go for long walks (sandy beaches optional)
Enjoys the company of other dogs (see below)
Enjoys long drives...anywhere
A picky eater, loves pumpkin over chicken

Do you think you are a good match for this Leo Mix??? Please apply or contact


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