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Teddy Bears

Limited Edition. $150 Delivered USA.
Sitting he is 8-1/2" tall, standing 14"


New Infinity Scarves:

Destry Rides Again Line comes in 6 colors, Au natural Striped, Pairie Striped, Purple Sage Striped, Fall Striped. Available but not shown: Tutti Fruitti Striped & Blue Horizon Striped. One ply of the infamous Destry, 1 ply white wool and the acrylic color striping & Border. $30 (includes shipping).

Au natural Striped

Pairie Striped

Image Coming Soon
Purple Sage Striped

Fall Striped



Infinity scarves: Wide assortment of colors, shown Tutti-Fruitti, Spring and Blue Horizon. 2 heavy plies of Leonberger fur plus 1 ply of colored acrylic $30.

Image Coming Soon
Image Coming Soon
Spring and Blue Horizon




Standard 6 ft scarf with fringe available upon request.

Leofur Headbands

$18.00 Delivered


Spun Leonberger Fur Yarn

$34.00 per skein Delivered
Each skein is approx. 3.5 ozs and about 140 yards Sporting weight, 2 ply carded and spun Leo fur yarn, camel color.  Perfect for your projects. Sold Individually.


"Old Pooper Scooper" Leo version of Old Maid cards

$30.00 Delivered
Great game to improve memory and enjoy Leo images. 52 cards (26 pair) and two Pooper Scooper cards, in case you lose one. Fun for kids of all ages.

Game Rules: Deal 8 cards to each player. Take turns picking the next card from the upside down deck. Match and discard pairs of Leonbergers until one person is left with the Pooper Scooper card

Leo Matching Card Game

$30.00 Delivered
Game Rules: Deal all cards face-down on a flat surface. Each player alternates turning two cards face-up. If the two cards match, the player removes them from the board and keeps them. If they do not match, the player returns them to face-down position and it is the next player's turn. Try to remember where you saw which image. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

Great for home or as a fun gift!


Snoopy Christmas Stockings

$7.00 Delivered
In gold paint, we will add you dog's, cat's, ferret's or even your human kids' name on to the Fleece stocking. Snoopy decorates his tree with his friend, Woodstock. Copyrighted 1958 & 1965, this is NEW old store stock. 12" high, 7" heel to toe

May Contain Dog Fur PDF Cookbook $26.50


This (pdf format) cookbook features recipes for owners and dogs alike and dedicated Leonberger dog lovers on The LeoList created it to generate funds for both the Leonberger Health Fund and the rescue organizations devoted to this special breed.

Now, this wonderful collection is available through LeoPALs. Special thanks goes to Beth Currie, Kristi Hamilton and all the wonderful people that shared recipes and/or photos  

Click below to order through PayPal or mail your check with your email address to:Jan Parola,1449 Ridge Rd E-town PA 17022. Once payment is made, you will receive an email from wetransfer.com (check your spam folder, too) with instructions to download the electronic cookbook.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A HARD COPY of the cookbook. You may print it out and create a hard copy for personal use and/or retain on an electronic device, but please do not distribute. 100% of sales revenue goes to LeoPALS



Checks need to be made payable to: People Advocating for Leonbergers, LeoPALS or PALS

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